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PRL History

High Tolerance Sand Casting Foundry

PRL, Inc. and the Cornwall, Pennsylvania area are part of a long-standing tradition of supplying our nation's vital needs. While our neighbor, the Cornwall Furnace, supplied iron munitions during the Revolutionary War, we currently provide high specification components and services to a variety of industries, including the defense industry.

With headquarters in Cornwall, PRL, Inc. was formed in 1985 and is the holding company of three corporations consisting of PRL Industries, Inc., LTC, Inc. and Regal Cast, Inc.

PRL Industries, Inc. was founded by Benjamin Chase under the name of Pennsylvania Radiographic Laboratories and was first located in a rented facility in Lebanon. Following Mr. Chase's untimely death, Pennsylvania Radiographic Laboratories was purchased by Erwin Herschkowitz in 1972. At that time, the company employed 15 people and their primary function was to x-ray castings for foundries, but capabilities began to expand to include various forms of non-destructive testing, as well as upgrading. The name, Pennsylvania Radiographic Laboratories, did little justice to the growing entity, so the company was renamed "PRL Industries" shortly after its relocation to larger facilities in Cornwall in 1974.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Since 1969, PRL's capabilities have included upgrading castings utilizing a wide range of Non-destructive Testing (NDT) in accordance to required procedures. The addition of a metallurgical laboratory in the mid 1970's also increased capabilities and contributed to the company's nationwide reputation of being a supplier of high quality castings used mostly in the valve, turbine and pump industries. By the late 1970's, most of PRL's orders came from the nuclear power industry, but following the accident at Three Mile Island, PRL decided to diversify into the defense industry.

In 1977 PRL Industries purchased Brenner Machine Company from Trionic Industries, and relocated it to Cornwall, Pennsylvania. As part of the PRL, Inc. entity, Brenner Machine was consolidated with LTC, Inc. and changed its name on July 1, 2007. The company continues to operate at its Cornwall location as a job shop. Its unique capabilities and core group of skilled craftsmen enables LTC, Inc. to finish machine components up to 10,000 pounds, while maintaining close tolerances. Dimensional attributes are verified/documented using a portable Faro Arm.

In order to diversify and to provide even more services to the metal industry, PRL, Inc. acquired another machine shop, Lebanon Tool Company in 1985. Established in Lebanon in 1952 by Mr. Jack Sherman, Lebanon Tool Company was noted as "The Home of Precision" because of its close tolerance machining on smaller parts. After being purchased, the company's name was shortened to "LTC, Inc." because the word "tool" was somewhat misleading.

Modern, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining centers and a highly skilled workforce enable LTC to machine to a tolerance of two ten thousandth of an inch. Stringent inspection procedures verified with CMM dimensional inspection capabilities enable LTC to “Provide Precision Machined Components For Defense and High Technology Industries.

Most of PRL's defense work in the 1980's was naval-related, such as components for aircraft carriers and nuclear-powered submarines. In 1989 Janis Herschkowitz took over as President after the death of her father. Under her guidance PRL opened a foundry, Regal Cast, which provided PRL the ability to become fully integrated and provide fully upgraded, finished machined castings, without relying on outside vendors! This was considered a bold decision at the time, particularly since the number of foundries in the U.S. has been steadily declining.

Sand Castings, Military & Nuclear Industries

Regal Cast became the smallest foundry in the in the world to operate an Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) vessel, which is used to refine the metal. Regal Cast pours both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys ranging in weight from 10 to 12,000 pounds. Although established to support PRL Industries, Regal Cast also supplies castings to outside commercial customers, and has a reputation for being able to pour complex parts, including but not limited to pump and valve bodies, impellers and diffusers.

Unfortunately, a drastic decline in defense spending in the early to mid 1990's once again forced PRL to diversify in to new markets. Currently, the company provides castings and services for military, nuclear, energy, petro-chemical and commercial applications.

While these companies do function independently, they also complement each other in providing customers with finished certified components. PRL, Inc,'s capabilities are unique, and over the years an outstanding reputation has been established for providing quality products and services. The majority of PRL's customers are Fortune 500 companies whose applications of their product demand stringent quality requirements, and our parts are in service around the world. PRL feels its biggest asset is its co-workers who take pride in their work and have worked tirelessly to meet our customer requirements in a very competitive industry.