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Lean Manufacturing

Fully Integrated Sand Foundry

PRL's fully integrated sand foundry provides the company with an edge for customers requiring a commitment to continuous improvement through the principles of lean manufacturing. Any company can implement "superficial lean" but PRL's goal has been to “peel away the layers of the onion” to actually change the culture.

Initiatives put in place at Regal Cast, PRL Industries and LTC, Inc. have included instituting corporate wide metrics, continuous updates on process controls, corporate wide department huddles, improvement teams that include input from all levels, and significant in-house training programs. PRL has also made significant capital equipment investments to reduce unnecessary part movement, to take advantage of cross-training and to improve efficiencies. Work booths have been standardized, work cells have been created, and a 5-S Program has been instituted, all with employee feedback. This equates to a happier work environment, better job performance and improved safety.

PRL's fully integrated sand foundry is just the tip of the iceberg as the company strives to be your partner in an environment of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing. It is a never ending process.


Lean Manufacturing