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GTAW GMAW SMAW Welding Fabrication GRINDING Services

Certified GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding or TIG), SMAW (manual shield arc or STICK), and GMAW (gas metal arc or MIG) welding and fabrication services can be performed, as well as grinding defective areas out of a casting.

Weld repairs entail filling a defective area with a material that has similar chemical and physical properties as the base materials. For special alloys, gases can be mixed on-site for required welding. Quality weld rod is heated to optimal temperatures to help ensure an even weld bead. As part of the lean manufacturing program, PRL recently acquired a stud gun system that installs studs in three minutes each, without using weld rod. This translates into savings for the customer. Welding personnel are qualified to equally high standards as are the NDT personnel.

Welding and Grinding

Following NDT, any defects revealed are marked on each component. These areas are removed by hand grinding or air arc cutting (known also as air carbon arc cutting or jet arc). Hand grinding employs a variety of grinding wheels. Air arc is a process in which a carbon electrode melts a designated area in the component. The melted material is then blown out of the part by an air jet. These procedures are documented on sketches.

Certified GMAW, GTAW and SMAW welding and fabrication, coupled with PRL’s grinding services, are performed as required to meet your high expectations for high integrity castings.


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