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Non-Destructive Testing Services

You are able to trust PRL’s team of qualified and certified personnel engaged in Non-Destructive Testing (also known as Non-Destructive Examination) services. NDT (NDE) inspectors are qualified in accordance with the American Society if Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT), and procedures are approved for use on ASME and military parts.

For surface defects, the first process in PRL’s NDT services is a dimensional check, to ensure that tolerances meet the engineering design. From there, the casting will undergo visual examination, followed by either Liquid Penetrant or Magnetic Particle tests to detect surface defects.

Liquid Penetrant inspection at PRL utilizes visible red dye with white developer. This test is performed on stainless steels or nonferrous metals in accordance with approved procedures.


Magnetic Particle tests are done on ferro-magnetic metals using either the wet or dry methods. The dry method uses a magnetic field to locate surface defects, while the wet method uses fluorescent particles in a liquid. Any apparent defects are evaluated to the proper acceptance standards.

For subsurface defects, certified radiographic testing (RT) and ultrasonic testing (UT) are available. UT also measures wall thickness of a component.

Also available through PRL is hydrostatic testing, which is used to determine the structural integrity of castings.

These Non-Destructive Testing services enable PRL to provide you with a sound, high specification cast product that you can depend on.

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