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Heat Treat

Heat Treating Services

Complete heat treating services at PRL can be performed in one of several furnaces of various sizes. These furnaces are regularly calibrated, and temperatures up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit are attainable. If you have a casting, forging or fabrication that requires atmosphere controlled heat treating, using nitrogen and hydrogen, PRL has the right furnace for that. Localized stress relief (LSR or spot heat treating) can also be performed on a specific area of a casting or fabrication. Accurate temperatures are attained, measured and documented with high quality equipment. This is directed to the assurance that every component receives the optimum treatment for conformity with very exacting standards for you MIL or ASME requirements.

The gas-fired furnace can accommodate parts up to 7’W x 14’L x 4’4” H. The electric atmosphere controlled furnace accommodates parts up to 5’W x 7’L x 6’H. For smaller parts, an electric furnace accommodates components up to 18”H x 24”W x 20”D. All furnaces are equipped with recorders to provide heat treat charts for customer documentation.

Several heat treating procedures are available for your parts, including annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, aging (also known as precipitation hardening), quenching and tempering.

PRL’s wheelabrator performs shot, sand or grit blasting to remove surface discolorations and scaling which can be a result from the heat treating process.

PRL’s heat treating services are available for independent contracting.


Heat Treat


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