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Precision Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining service, up to two ten thousandths of an inch is routine for the Lebanon, Pennsylvania division of LTC, Inc. CNC Programmers work in concert with the highly skilled, experienced machinists to ensure that each critical part machined is in compliance to drawing specifications. Customers have direct access to the specialists at LTC, who are well-versed in solving problems.

Capabilities in the shop include drilling, grinding, milling, turning, cleaning, assembly and packaging of parts up to 1,500 pounds on prototypes or production quantities. There is conventional machining available, along with 4-axis CNC centers. In addition to machining, other LTC services include Non-Destructive Testing (Visual Testing, Penetrant Testing and Hydro Testing), heat treating and welding.

Balancing, plating, coating and painting are also offered. Raw materials are provided by LTC from approved vendors, and finished, precision parts are shipped in protective packaging. Throughout the entire process, your stringent quality control and tolerance requirements are documented, monitored and adhered to. CMM dimensional inspection capabilities enable LTC to provide precision parts for customers in the defense and high technology industries. These multi-faceted services, and turnkey operation, enable LTC’s Fortune 500 customers, as well as smaller customers, to sleep well at night knowing that their job is handled properly and efficiently.

If you need on time deliveries and consistent, precision CNC machining services, LTC is your solution.


Precision CNC Machining Services

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