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PRL’s foundry Regal Cast, is able to pour various sand castings, including but not limited to impellers, diffusers, propellers, housings, pump casings, and valve bodies. These quality sand castings are destined for defense, nuclear, industrial and other commercial applications.

Variety in alloys, weights (up to 12,000 pounds), and shapes are huge factors in PRL’s sand casting services.


Engineering at the foundry (Regal Cast, Inc.) commences with your drawings, and ends with a quality product you can rely on. After acquiring customer-supplied or locally made patterns (to customer specifications), the molding process is begun. This careful process assures that the casting is compliant with customer-required dimensions and tolerances. 

A wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous alloys are available, and each “recipe” for a specified alloy is closely followed and monitored throughout the melting process.

The vastly experienced staff, coupled with constantly updated equipment, is small enough for every job to get personalized attention, yet big enough to get your job done right. Regal Cast, with unique AOD and broad-range capability, and strict quality assurance is dedicated to customer success.

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Concurrent Engineering

Concurrent Engineering

The experienced engineering staff at Regal Cast is equipped to help you design your new casting or converted fabrication based on your need and specifications. Throughout this process, metal solidification, pattern draft, casting tolerances and surface finish requirements are taken into account, helping to avoid any potential issues.

You are able to get into the production process faster by enlisting the Regal Cast team for your early product development. Customer success is Regal Cast’s goal.

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