| High Integrity Castings for Customers with High Expectations

Mission & Values



To provide exceptional quality components allowing peace of mind for our nation’s military, nuclear, and industrial applications


To be the “Exception to the Rule” by striving to be the most innovative, disciplined, and talented manufacturer of high specification components


  To treat our co-workers and customers with honesty, dignity and respect

  To fulfill our mission by always meeting our customer’s expectations

  To ensure that safety supersedes all else

  To never believe PRL is the best, but to always strive to be the best

  To learn from the past, be accountable, react, and execute

  To embrace lean manufacturing, innovation, and teamwork for continuous improvement

  To adapt to ever-changing environments and embrace change to assure continued consistent improvement

  To strive to be aware of customer concerns

  To strive to be courteous, professional, and objective to all

  To be proud of the role we play in ensuring our nation’s security

 PRL has managed to grow and survive in a field, which is not noted for stability because we are willing to take the extra step of complete quality assurance. This is also the reason we are able to sleep at night. Janis Herschkowitz, President & CEO - PRL, Inc.