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PRL Quality Process

ASME & Military Quality Specifications

Are you concerned about quality procedures? PRL’s quality processes revolve around compliance to ASME and military specifications. No matter how complex your part is, these requirements are easily handled by the PRL team of unsurpassed quality personnel, due to years of experience in the defense and nuclear industries. The Quality Assurance Manual describes, in detail, the procedures which are implemented by PRL employees. Those procedures are customer and ASME approved, and are available for customer review.

All parts passing through PRL are serialized, and each casting or fabrication is issued a “Shop Traveler”. This document is a vital component of our quality system. It is continuously updated with input from the sales team, production department, and highly qualified QA specialists. This sets PRL apart, as customers have often lauded the detailed quality documentation packets.

Customer and ASME approved

The sales team, with an extensive foundry background, coupled with the QA Department, will take that extra step to work directly with you from the quotation stage through the delivery of your part. Throughout the entire process, interpretation of drawings and requirements is available, along with access to unusual or older specifications. Because PRL personnel are experts in a wide variety of specifications, customized procedures can be implemented with customer approval. Compliance to the most stringent of requirements and specifications is assured.

Quality assurance is a priority at PRL. Stringent compliance to an ever-expanding list of approved procedures enables the company to fulfill your ASME and military specifications, as required.


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