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Nuclear and Military Certifications

Do you need a reliable source for military approved procedures and nuclear certifications? You know that consistent quality and high integrity are not synonymous, but you can find both at a vertically integrated facility that emphasizes lean manufacturing – PRL, Inc. From start to finish, each casting is constantly monitored to meet customer requirements. For the demanding applications of today’s world, every process is carefully detailed in documentation packages for internal use, and for the customer. PRL’s outstanding nationwide quality assurance reputation is a result of being an ASME certificate holder, and ongoing compliance with various military and NAVSEA standards.

ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Certification

PRL’s internal technical expertise enables the company to be involved in the development of industry standards through various entities such as AWS and ASTM. While customized procedures can be provided to further meet the specific needs of the customer, PRL can also comply to an expanded list of approved military procedures. In order to achieve this, PRL’s experienced and dedicated quality assurance team engages in routine internal audits, and employs a distinctive sampling process. A resident Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) quality assurance representative allows for expedited processing of parts destined for the defense industry.

Providing you with components that come with military approved procedures and nuclear certifications is not a problem for PRL, Inc.