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Industrial Radiography Services

Do you need industrial radiography services to detect any subsurface defects in a casting, forging or fabrication? Conventional film radiography is available, along with digital/computed radiography - the newest technology in industrial radiography.

Personnel in the radiography department receive extensive, specialized training through classroom and mentoring programs. PRL adheres to and maintains certification to the recommended practices of ASNT-TC-1A, and maintains training and certification to specifications of Mil-Std, NAVSEA, ASME and ANSI.


PRL’s High Energy (Mev) is capable of performing radiographic images on both heavy and thin wall materials, from composites to high density steels. PRL’s 1.0 Mev, 2.0 Mev and two 4.0 Mev X-ray units have the capacity of penetrating from ¼” up to 12” of steel. For conventional radiographic testing, PRL has a fully automatic film processing system.

In PRL’s digital Computer Radiography (CR), a phosphorus imaging plate is used to capture the image undergoing radiography. These environmental-friendly plates are reusable and without hazardous waste. Also offered is multi-media printing of all computer generated images for those customers who want or require hard copy images.

Complimentary to PRL’s radiography is Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) of components. UT performs defect location and verification if the material is UT compatible.


Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)




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