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Metallurgical Lab

PRL’s Metallurgical Laboratory provides important support for Regal Cast, Inc., and the Non-Destructive Testing and quality assurance operations at PRL Industries, Inc. The “Met Lab’s” vast experience with process parameters allows PRL to provide for your customized requirements, and prompt attention is given to your project.

Also dedicated to quality control, these ASME certified facilities and personnel enhance PRL’s ability to verify precise chemical, physical and material properties specified by the customer.

In chemical testing, sophisticated spectrometers are utilized, and instant results are readily available.



Physical testing encompasses Charpy impact tests from minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit to one thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

Tensile testing is done from ambient temperature to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also available are bend testing, drop weight testing (also known as nil ductility transition temperature testing), hardness testing, compression testing, temperature testing, and weldabilty testing.




Material testing includes corrosion testing, ferrite determination, and metallographic tests.

The lab’s history of consistency and longevity will work to your benefit. Quick turnaround and delivery, accurate results and interactive customer service established the Metallurgical Laboratory’s reputation for engaged, precise and personalized service.





PRL’s Met Lab

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