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Are you interested in quality machining services that may include CNC, CAD, CAM, or CMM? PRL, Inc.’s subsidiary, LTC, Inc., consistently provides precision machined parts/services to customers in the defense, nuclear, and other high specification industries.

The LTC facilities are valued for consistent, uncompromised quality and on time delivery for customers with high expectations. Unsurpassed CNC, CAD, CAM and CMM machining services are the norm at LTC, Inc.

LTC consists of two separate machining facilities. The Lebanon, Pennsylvania facility has a well-deserved reputation as “The Home of Precision” in that machined tolerances up to two ten thousandths of an inch can be attained on small to medium-sized parts. The multiple Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) centers, coupled with stringent inspection procedures, are the reason for repeat orders from LTC customers. The majority of those customers are Fortune 500 companies who demand and adhere to strict quality guidelines. Customers know that in working with LTC, they have direct access to a wide range of experienced, technically oriented specialists who can provide solutions to problems.

LTC’s Cornwall, Pennsylvania facility is widely known for its unique capabilities and core group of craftsmen that work on medium to heavy weight components (up to 10,000 pounds) while holding close tolerances.

Machining services can be contracted independently, or in conjunction with PRL, Inc.’s casting services.

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