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Size Flasks/Patterns

Sand Casting Weight Capabilities
Sand casting weight capabilities at Regal Cast, Inc. range from just 10 to 12,000 pounds. Patterns, which are basic replicas of the castings to be poured, are in compliance to customer supplied drawings and specifications. When new patterns are required, Regal Cast works closely with several local pattern shops where there are longstanding relationships. This helps Regal Cast to ensure that the castings are delivered in a timely manner, and within customer specifications. Software capabilities at Regal Cast and partnering pattern shops permit the utilization of most computer generated CAD files. This creates a pattern that meets your dimensional and geometry requirements.


Size Flasks and Patterns

Regal Cast also works with customer supplied patterns on a regular basis, and (if necessary) will redesign the gating and rigging.

Flasks are used to contain and maintain the sand mold throughout the molding and pouring process. Available flask sizes range from as small as 12” x 14”, to as large as 100” x 100”. The flask used for a particular job is determined by the size and shape of the sand casting to be poured. The various flask sizes match up with Regal Cast’s extensive weight capabilities.

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