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AOD Vessel

Regal Cast, Inc. will melt metal for your castings in furnaces, and if a high grade steel or nickel-based alloy is required, the metal will be refined in the AOD (Argon, Oxygen Decarburization) vessel.

Most of the material melted in Regal Cast’s induction furnaces is virgin metal, which consists of commercially pure forms of the specified metal. To meet customer specifications, virgin metal is often combined with alloying elements to give the molten metal the required properties.


Melting and AOD

If a high grade stainless (or in some cases a high grade carbon) steel alloy, or a nickel-based alloy is required for the casting, the melted metal will be transferred to an AOD vessel. This refining vessel will enhance induction furnace capabilities by forcing argon and oxygen through the melted metal. This will help remove impurities from the molten metal. For example, carbon is reduced to less than 0.05 percent, and lead is removed to less than 0.001 percent. This ensures a quality casting, and increases overall production efficiency.

Throughout both the melting and refining procedures, the chemistry of the metal is periodically monitored to ensure that the resulting casting will meet the customer’s requirements. Induction melting and AOD refining at PRL’s subsidiary, Regal Cast, Inc., will provide you with the high quality casting you need.

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Advantages of Melting with an AOD vessel

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