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PRL's Corporate Culture

Machine Shop Job Positions in Pennsylvania

PRL is large enough to have many of the benefits and employee enhancements of a larger company while still being small enough where almost “everyone knows everyone”, similar to a family. First and foremost our co-workers work hard, as we are very aware of our customers’ expectations and the importance of the components we supply. We believe you can never have too much communication, and no one knows your job better than you do. PRL has embraced lean manufacturing which encompass huddles, constant communication, project teams, metrics, and ongoing investments in equipment. We also keep you informed through bulletin board postings, our monthly newsletters, and periodic meetings.

Frankly, we understand that our co-workers are our biggest asset. Although we take our jobs seriously, we always strive to treat each other with dignity and respect, while maintaining our sense of humor. We like to spice things up with raffles, drawings for Phillies tickets (including the World Series), charity fundraisers, and our Summer Picnic. Additionally, our co-workers run our Wellness Program which includes a weight loss and walking program, health fairs and screenings, and various other activities. We also have an employee-run Safety Committee which meets monthly to address and review safety issues.

PRL offers a condensed work week for our hourly production employees, consisting of four ten-hour workshifts and scheduling flexibility for start times and lunches for our salaried employees, so you can maximize the schedule that works best for you. PRL also offers a competitive benefit package for our co-workers to help provide peace of mind.

Co-workers who join our company tend to make PRL their home until retirement! Fully one-third of our employees have been with the company over 20 years and almost 10% of our workforce have been with us for 40 years or more! Yet, we also have a range of age demographics within our employee population. The experienced long-time employees impart their knowledge to those just starting. PRL’s co-workers understand that everyone was a beginner at some point.

With operations in Cornwall and Lebanon, we are well positioned geographically in Lebanon County, known for its central location to many other cities, a great quality of life and a reasonable cost of living. Come explore some aspects of our culture, our opportunities and find out why we are PRL Proud!


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